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Need some blank manuscript paper? Choose from two sizes and print as required with these free manuscript sheets (set printer for A4 paper, portrait) :

doh-re-mi is run by myself, Gillie – a musician and artist with over 30 years of musical experience. My aim with this site is to offer original and free sheet music and worksheets, to help make learning, creating and performing music easier and more fun. I also plan to share some of my musical adventures and musings in the doh-re-mi blog. I hope you’ll find something of interest here – and I’d love to hear from you!

One-to-one tuition (and small group courses) available in Piano, Harp, Violin, Music Theory, Improvisation, and Music Creation : Location no problem – all tuition is currently conducted via Skype / live video feed.

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Feel free to email me at music@doh-re-mi.co.uk for music tuition enquiries, or with questions relating to doh-re-mi music and worksheets – or just to say hi and chat music.

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